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10 Questions to Ask Your Orthopedic Surgeon: Before Surgery, What You Need to Know

If you're considering surgery, it's important to find an orthopedic surgeon who takes the time to explain your condition and the medical procedure you need. Many people choose their surgeon based on referrals from friends or family members, but this isn't always the best way to make a decision. You need to be comfortable with your doctor and feel like you can trust them. These 10 questions will help you make the right choice for your surgery.

  1. What is the surgeon's experience with this particular procedure?

  2. How many times has the surgeon performed this surgery?

  3. What are the risks and complications associated with this surgery?

  4. What is the expected recovery time?

  5. Will I need physical therapy after surgery?

  6. How long will I be in the hospital?

  7. What are the chances that I will need additional surgeries?

  8. What are my non-surgical options?

  9. How much does this surgery cost?

  10. Can you provide me with references from other patients who have had this surgery?

When you decide to put your health into our hands, it immediately becomes our number one priority. We value the relationships we form with each patient, and believe that goes a long way in improving their health care outcomes. Give us a call to find out how I can help you today.


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