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Precision and Personalization with Mako Robotic Surgery

When it comes to joint replacement surgery, precision and personalization are key factors in achieving optimal outcomes. Mako robotic-arm assisted technology is an innovative tool revolutionizing joint replacement surgeries. Let's explore how Mako robotic surgery works and whether you might be a candidate for this advanced procedure.

How Mako Robotic Surgery Works

Mako robotic-arm assisted technology begins with a CT scan of the diseased joint, which is uploaded into the Mako System software. This scan creates a detailed 3D model of your joint, allowing surgeons to develop a personalized surgical plan tailored to your unique anatomy.

In the operating room, the surgeon utilizes this pre-planned surgical approach while preparing the bone for the implant. The Mako system guides the surgeon within the predetermined boundaries, ensuring precise placement and alignment of the implant. This level of accuracy helps optimize the outcome of the joint replacement procedure.

Are You a Candidate for Robotic Joint Surgery?

Joint pain can arise from various reasons, and each patient's experience is unique. Whether you're suffering from arthritis, joint degeneration, or other conditions causing knee or hip pain, it's essential to explore all available treatment options.

If you've tried conservative treatments without experiencing sufficient relief, you may be a candidate for Mako partial knee or total hip replacement surgery. These procedures offer the potential to alleviate pain and restore mobility, enhancing your quality of life.

Available Procedures with Mako Robotic Surgery

Mako robotic-arm assisted technology offers precision and personalization for the following procedures:

  • Partial Knee Replacement

  • Total Hip Replacement

  • Total Knee Replacement

Get Your Questions Answered

Undergoing joint replacement surgery is a significant decision, and you may have questions about the process. Our dedicated team is here to provide you with the information and support you need to make informed choices about your orthopedic care.

If you have additional questions about Mako robotic surgery or would like to schedule a consultation, don't hesitate to reach out. Experience the precision, personalization, and potential for improved outcomes with Mako robotic surgery.


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